tuesday, december 31 2013

i feel like it should come as no surprise that this will be my last post here on this little blog.

as i make my list of things i wish to take into the new year along with things i wish to create, on the side of letting go and leaving behind is this little blog. i just don't have the heart for it any longer and i am ready to move on. in many ways i feel to old for blogging as if i have outgrown it somehow. i am not sure how i will continue to document the boys. at the moment i am testing out smugmug, which has a lovely aesthetic to it.

with scout now freshly past turning one, i am beginning to feel the "lift" and can now leave him for more then an hour or two. there is now a small opening for nurturing myself once again. weekends can now include energy healing courses, health seminars, and yoga. i have my eyes set on a new nikon and i am already sighed up for a photography course to help me dig a bit deeper into my own photography style. i am beyond excited about all the potential captures.

michael is still looking for work but something interesting seems to be in the works. i hope something happens soon as his projects in the garage are even wearing me out. having him home so much has presented itself as quite the challenge for me. i am ashamed to say i am not handling it well and he is handling it much better.

quinn is getting older, funnier, and slightly more mature. he will enter year 3 at the end of january where he will have a male teacher for the very first time. he is completely thrilled by the thought of this. he hasn't found a best friend or a circle of friends he really enjoys at the school ,just yet, but he has been placed in a classroom with a calmer set of boys...fingers crossed. he continues to play baseball year round which means a lot of driving and dedication from the entire family. it's his thing and he wouldn't be the same quinny without it.

tate is crazy independent these days. i feel as though i never have to worry about him as he always seems to naturally be put into the best situations. he had such an amazing group of boys in his class this past year and his teacher thought so too as she has kept them all together as they move into year one, which is very unusual.  i really like the parents so i am happy about it too. he is following quinn's lead with baseball and loves it just as much, although he has requested to play footy or basketball come winter. this is when the family will begin to get split up on the weekends.

scout somehow grew from the sweetest little thing to the cheekiest little thing. he is by far my feistiest baby, very determined, but can also be divinely calm and beautiful. no matter what mood he is in we're all completely fascinated with him, and we all agree that there is nothing better then having a baby scout crawling about the house.

we have some travel plans for 2014. a long weekend in tasmania just when it's hard to tell where summer ends and autumn begins. then right in the middle of the school year we will slip away on a jet plane headed home…hawaii home. we will spend some time on maui (our old stomping ground) before a relaxing break on kauai. i have no doubt that it will be an interesting journey for our spirits.

thank you for visiting us and leaving such kind pieces of yourself here. you have been incredibly gracious and it has been a pleasure getting to know you. i feel very blessed to have had you visit.

i leave with a light, yet full, heart.

sunday, december 8


happy birthday beautiful boy.

saturday, december 7

tomorrow he turns one.

tonight quinn is off at a sleepover and then his first trip to luna park tomorrow. tate is off on his first sleepover and i will catch up with him and our friends over breakfast at our favourite cafe in the morning. michael and i could have gone and done anything with both boys gone, but we ended up at the take away shop purchasing a burger and chips wrapped in paper. tonight we will finish watching the last two episodes of "game of thrones" (the best television series i have ever seen). tomorrow i will wake with our littlest and bake a cake.

saturday, november 30

i can't take my eyes off of him, soaking in every last ounce of this baby, he turns one in eight days.

i asked michael if we could gift him a sandbox and he built one that fits the entire family.

tuesday, november 26

our latest op shop find.

i've been searching for a jar big enough to hold our spelt, i just never expected to find such a pretty one. i love when i see something, an object, and it makes me smile even before i pick it up…it's rare.

simple. useful. and beautiful.

monday, november 18

little tate.

i was already planning the disco party you mentioned when you asked if we could just go to the aquarium instead. it was the perfect place for us to celebrate you. i should mention that your favorite movies are free willy, dolphin tale, and the keiko documentary and you watch them continuously (it drives quinn crazy). when you grow up (at the moment) you want to study and look after whales, killer whales in particular. you already know way more about any mammal under the sea then i do and i think the whales will be very lucky to have you.

happy birthday my sweet boy, your six, and have the most generous heart i have come to know.