monday, november 18

little tate.

i was already planning the disco party you mentioned when you asked if we could just go to the aquarium instead. it was the perfect place for us to celebrate you. i should mention that your favorite movies are free willy, dolphin tale, and the keiko documentary and you watch them continuously (it drives quinn crazy). when you grow up (at the moment) you want to study and look after whales, killer whales in particular. you already know way more about any mammal under the sea then i do and i think the whales will be very lucky to have you.

happy birthday my sweet boy, your six, and have the most generous heart i have come to know.


  1. Yes indeed! Tate is always cheering for everyone else and always ready to congratulate and complement someone on doing a good job. He is a very generous little boy and full of life and gusto, his cup is always overflowing for everything and everyone.
    "Happy 6th Birthday Tate, we love you so very much!"

    Love Papa & Nema

  2. such beautiful images as always. does tate get sad or scared watching these movies? have been thinking of introducing to my 5 year old boy. under the sea toys and the aquarium are also our most favourite places right now. happy birthday tate!

    1. nope not at all, he loves them. in saying that he is my child that i am most careful with what he watches because he doesn't like anything scary. he watched the keiko the whale documentary first "bringing keiko home" (on youtube) so he understands that keiko is playing willie in the movie. same with dolphin tale, it is based on a true story, watched the real story of winter the dolphin first.