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thursday, april 18

see his EARS…i am obsessed.
beautiful mornington.

me: hey taye, how do you like the new boy in your class?

tate: he is a really good boy mom. like really GOOD.

me: oh. well cool. if he is really good what are you?

tate: (shoulder shrug) i am close.

wednesday, april 18

i'm very out of sorts lately, feeling conflicted and overly emotional. the other day i got a bit snappy with the sales lady and told her she wasn't being very australian. what? who says that...out load. i left thinking about how ugly my behavior was and how quickly it could snowball. i wanted to go home crawl into bed and wrap myself in wool. only it was to warm, to beautiful, and far to sunny for that sort of thing. it's left me aching for a crisp autumn afternoon cozied up in knitwear while reading the stack of health magazines my mom has left behind.

friday, april 6


my camera has been broken for over a week and still hasn't made it to the repair shop.

my mom is here and we have been to the wineries, explored the city, discovered a new to me delicious cafe (lentil and chickpea yum), purchased winter boots, fallen in love with a few charcoal grey knits, searched for a chunky bohemian yellow knit scarf with no luck, and painted my bed winter white.

we have one more week with her and plans to bath in the hot springs, go to the theatre, collect more sea glass, celebrate easter, and eat chocolate.

be back soonish...i hope.

wednesday, march 28

we've been out collecting treasures from the vintage shed.

we left with a vintage cooling rack, i couldn't resist it's thinly woven wires, and a cute "tea for two" kettle. all perfect additions for our kitchen as autumn has us planning for life indoors. although today, the sun is shining and my mom has requested we gather up sea glass from my secret spot were we will most likely leave with handfuls.

tuesday, february 7

felted stars.

one will hang from the zipper of quinny's backpack, and tate's star has found a home dangling from the knob of our bookcase...which has me thinking of twiggy branches hanging above their beds filled with white starry wool. 

wednesday, january 11

raindrop tracing the outline of our tree.

felt like taking a soft approach today and the morning light agreed. life can be gentle. 

sunday, november 20

testing out paddleboards,
he is finally thinking about doing what i have been telling him for years now...go.

saturday, october 8

please visit my sister here. she is in need of support, positive thoughts, and loving words. x.

sunday, august 14

during our past winters here there have been several winter beaches we would visit at random, but this year it has only been this one. were attached.

about this time before heading back into the desert (arizona style) i start to get a little nervous about leaving the ocean's side. i know it will be the thing that brings me back, my comfort on that hard flight back to australia. yes, before i go, i worry about the coming back. i think this must be normal for anyone living overseas. there is a grieving process that naturally happens before, during, and after your arrival back into expat land. i am on my way home y'all. deep breaths along with many smiles.

did you notice the footy ball (australian rules football)? he's attached and addicted, and i have a feeling that footy ball will bring him some comfort too. he has been replacing the spade/shovel with sports equipment more and more lately. it seems to be happening so early this "sports thing".

be back soon from the other side. x.

tuesday, august 9

quinn's countdown calendar glowing in the early morning light.

seven more sleeps and these little boys and i will be heading into an american summer. were beside ourselves with gitty as you can imagine. this morning i was even up with the sun and photographing a tiny bit of it.

friday, july 29

waiting to be framed.

top left: koala by quinn from his first day at kinder/preschool in australia
top right: girl in yellow suit by kiki and polly
bottom left: five stacked whales by unitedthread
bottom right: girl at the swing by kiki and polly
not pictured: unpainted by tate (i check his school box everyday and nothing... i remain hopeful)

one of my new year's resolutions was to purchase more art. i have been, and now that it is a tiny collection in need of mattes and frames, i am slowing learning this is more of an "art project" then i had anticipated. i am thinking of making it real simple by going with all white mattes and frames.

ps. i am still on the search for some boy prints of children...have any favorites?

wednesday, june 1

first day of winter and we had glorious sun. good sign, no? i do get a little confused by winter starting on the 1st and winter solstice happening on the 21st. it feels like winter though, so were going with it, and welcoming her with cups of hot coco and some tin can lantern making (see tutorial here). we even got a winter wish list going.

a visit to the farm
pinecone bird feeders
homemade marshmallows
clove oranges
mulled wine...this is new to me
a trip into the mountains for some snow and sledding
bread making get together for the little people
winter beaches...the best part of winter
movies in bed
pomegranate tea
stories on tape
full library bags
sunday afternoons seated near the fire at our winter cafe
white chalk drawings on the driveway
sewing some cloud coasters...see here
introducing quinn to uno 
trip to the planetarium and dinosaur museum...someone has been begging
chicken pot pie...going to try this recipe 
and many large pots of stew

if you have some good ones from your winter list please do tell.

friday, april 1

he will take home anything. sigh.

we pulled out of the house thing. i had a mini heart attack last weekend and after i realized michael was having a mini heart attack too, we hopped in the car and headed to the new space. we walked around the property and peeked in all the windows (the house is empty). we hung out there for a while which only made us realize it felt the same as where we are now just bigger, more expensive, a further commute to school and michael's office. so we pulled out monday morning. deep breath. back to saving money and our not so great space. it was a good decision just a bit sad. i still want my house shelves though. 

monday, march 28

his gift from america along with a bag of goldfish crackers. no pepperidge farm here. quinn remembers and loves loves loves his goldfish along with every other child in america. he squealed, "look tatey we have goldfish". tate simply looked at them and said, " thank you". in that moment we realized tate has officially lived in australia longer then he lived in america. i mean he said "no thank you" to goldfish...gasp. he hasn't touched a single one. he would never pass up some shapes (aussie crackers).

friday, march 25

just for fun because it's friday.
what i wore to school pick
my autumn mama uniform,
i will be living in this outfit till winter.

tee: gap
sweatshirt: c&c california
jeans: joes
boots: mla desert boots